Woodford house


Principal Steps Outside Comfort Zone

In early March, Tamatea High School Principal Robin Fabish, used the local media to challenge the region’s principals to compete in the Tremains Triathlon.

The rules were simple; the team had to include a principal, teacher, and prefect.

Head Prefect Eva Goodisson saw the newspaper article and went straight to Mrs Peterson’s office and encouraged her to accept the challenge as their team’s runner.

With only two weeks until the event, Mrs Peterson was flattered, but reluctant.

Although she walks up Te Mata Peak on a regular basis and can often be seen jogging around Havelock North, Mrs Peterson had little time to mentally and physically prepare.

The triathlon involved a 600-metre swim or 1700-metre kayak, 5km run or walk and a 20km bike ride.

Mrs Peterson jokingly asked the girls in assembly, “who wants to see shame come upon Woodford House, because that is what is going to happen if I take part”.

Every girl raised their hand, leaving Mrs Peterson with no choice but to say yes.

The challenge was accepted with Eva and teacher Ms Jane Perry as the cyclist and swimmer, respectively. Together they were called “Julie’s Angels”.

Eva Goodisson


Mrs Peterson

Mrs Peterson was the only female principal to step up to the challenge, and Julie’s Angels came second out of all the female teams.

The key learning from this, is that it is important to step outside of your comfort zone, because feeling challenged will help you grow as a person and can often lead you to discover something new about yourself.

Chloe Johnson, Communications and Development Manager