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Preparing for a Big Year Ahead

On Monday 29 January, Year 13 students eagerly set off to Waimarama Beach for an action-packed two days to start the year with a bang. In preparation for a big year ahead, the camp focused on building leadership qualities as well as strengthening bonds between the year group.

We arrived just a short distance from the beach and the girls pitched their tents. Then it was time for some lunch before starting the challenging adventure race around Waimarama Beach. We were given five hours and a map to try and complete the race, which was a mixture of brain teasers, games and some physical activities such as kayaking. One of the challenges, which some girls mastered, was riding the crazy bike and unicycle.

A very tired group of girls returned after a long and energetic day out in the sun. We walked down to the beach for a relaxing and refreshing swim in the sea followed by delicious fish and chips for dinner.

Day two started with an early morning at the beach where the girls where split into two groups. One group enjoyed lifesaving activities while the other group headed into the water for a surf lesson with Hawke’s Bay Surf School. The two groups switched over and it was the next group of girls turn to jump into the icy water, after a safety and technique lesson, for some surfing.

After the highlight of the surf lessons, the girls headed back to take down their tents and help out with a barbeque lunch before travelling home.

Sarah-Jane Klopstra, Gap Student