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Prefects’ Award Supports Student Leadership

ih-may2016-prefects-awardFive girls were the recipients of the new Prefects’ Award in Term 1 including Caitlin Hedge (Year 8), Jessica Macfarquhar (Year 10), Juliet Wilkie (Year 10), Imojien De Brett (Year 11) and Emma White (Year 12). Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Andrea Jackson, caught up with Head Prefect, Eva Goodisson to find out more.

What is the purpose of the new Prefects’ Award?

The main focus of the award is for students to be supportive and encourage leadership within other students. The idea came to me within the first couple of weeks in my new position as Head Prefect. I talked to the other Prefects first as I wanted it to be a group decision and then proposed the idea to Mrs Peterson, who was wholly supportive.

When and how is the accolade awarded?

Every fortnight a new recipient will receive a historic Prefects’ badge from the previous recipient and sit with the two Prefects leading assembly. They say “school stand” before and after Thursday assemblies. They also receive a certificate signed by all Prefects and a small bag of Birdwood’s lollies.

The girls are very proud of the beautiful badge, tell me more about why you decided to award this badge?

The badge is engraved with years of leadership and history, and is something special the girls can wear around the school to then hand over at the start of the assembly to the next recipient. Being an old Prefect’s badge, as a Prefect team, we decided that it would be a special, historical mark of leadership within the school, and cool for the other girls to be part of.

How do the Prefects decide which girls receive the award?

At every fortnightly Prefects’ meeting, we discuss girls from Years 7 to 13 who have been encouraging and supportive of their peers and who are just generally cool Woodford girls who live in the green box (a culture our team created around doing everything to your top potential). Girls are selected based on the Prefect’s decisions alone as we decided it would be special to make this award a student-led initiative.

Students were asked why they received the award and what it means to them:

‘I got the award for being a supportive and encouraging ‘Woodford Girl.’ Being a recipient of this award was very motivating not only to me but also to other people.’ Caitlin Hedge


‘I received this award for thinking in the green box which means that I had a positive mind set. Since I have received this award it has made me stay motivated to keep thinking in the green box.’ Emma White


‘I received the Prefects’ Award for being a cool Woodford girl who is supportive and encouraging of others and who always strives for excellence. Being a recipient of this award motivates me to continue to strive for excellence.’ Jessica Macfarquhar


‘I received the Prefects’ Award for always doing the technology in Chapels and assemblies and coming to every Sheilah Winn practice on time.’ Juliet Wilkie


‘I received the award for my participation in swimming sports with house spirit/chanting. Being the first to receive a Prefects’ Award motivated me to keep striving to participate in school activities.’ Imojien De Brett

Eva Goodisson, Head Prefect