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PORTAL Day – 29 May 2015

Do you really know what teaching and learning looks like for your daughters at Woodford? Are you aware of how the use of BYOD has changed teaching and learning in everyday activities?

Schools have very different environments now in comparison with parents’ experience. So we would like to give you the opportunity to share the excitement and understanding of future-focused teaching and learning at Woodford House.

PORTAL Day (Parent Observations Related to Teaching and Learning) 

Friday, 29 May 2015

You will have the opportunity to join in with a class for a short period of time:

  • in a subject you may be interested in
  • in one or two of your own daughter’s classes
  • in a class in a subject your daughter might be interested in during her future years at Woodford.

You will experience:

  • being part of teaching and learning that relies on applying knowledge rather than retaining material
  • building the relationships with groups to have a more productive outcome.
  • sharing ideas to create a concept previously un-thought of can be a lively engaging experience
  • seeing technology in action or groups of students working on projects when, as a parent, you generally only see the final product.

You will develop not only your own understanding, but an appreciation of what the key emphasis is for Woodford – future-focused teaching and learning in a supportive environment.

We will also be running sessions on how to get the most out of the parent portals in Kamar and Schoology (Woodbook) – and checking that you are receiving the full benefit of the new Woodford app.

There are two sessions to choose from and you have the option of joining your daughter for lunch in the dining room, or taking her off site.

Session 1

9.15am Welcome
9.40-10.20am Period 2 classes – facilitated discussion in gallery
10.55-11.15am Chapel
11.40-12.20pm Period 3 classes

Session 2

1.00pm Welcome
1.20-2.00pm Period 4 classes – facilitated discussion in gallery
2.20-3.00pm Period 5 classes – afternoon tea and feedback

The day is specifically planned for the beginning of exeat so boarder parents may find it more convenient if collecting their daughters. Please note the memorial service for Beryl Black will be held at 4.00pm the same afternoon.

If Portal day is something you would like to attend please click the link below to book your sessions and classes:


Ms Toni Dunstan, Acting Director of Staff