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Performing Arts in Action – Term 3, 2017

A busy term in Performing Arts saw girls face new challenges through Drama, Dance and Choral performances and productions.

NCEA Drama Productions

The Level 2 and 3 Drama classes entered into the unknown this term with the production of Daughters of Heaven by Michelanne Forster, a hard-hitting and intense play with some controversial concepts. We were not always 100 per cent sure if we were heading in the right direction or if we were going to be able to pull it off. However, as we experienced during the rehearsal process and many hours of dedication and commitment, something that seemed daunting became a well-oiled machine.

Through the process, the class became resilient in their approach and soon found an empathy with the characters. At times, we wished that performing in front of an audience would never come, however, when the moment finally arrived, the adrenaline swept us away in its uncertainty. All those hours of rehearsal, reciting lines in the shower and boring family and friends with moments of crisis finally made sense and quickly became a distant memory.


ih_sept17_Senior play (13)

Stephanie Goodwin and Amelia Foster in the senior production of Daughters of Heaven.

ih_sept17_Senior play (57)

Taking a bow at the end of Daughters of Heaven.

ih_sept17_Drama-Esther (11)

A scene from the Level 1 production of Esther.

ih_sept17_Drama-Esther (15)

Level 1 students in the production of Esther.

Level 1 students found their production Esther by Angie Farrow to be an eye opening experience. It was the first NCEA scripted production for the class and the pressure was on. As a class the girls found the rehearsal process to be challenging but inspiring. The production gave everyone confidence in their ability to perform, using the various drama techniques they had recently learnt. From the audience’s perspective Esther was very well suited to the class size and experience.

Overall, the Drama students learnt a lot from this process and will all benefit from it when moving forward in their academic journeys.

Annabelle Stanhope, Student Head of Drama

Dance NZmade

Woodford House dance students were fortunate to participate in the Hawke’s Bay Dance NZmade competition on Monday 7 August at the Municipal Theatre in Napier. This competition involved dancers from Hawke’s Bay who got together to compete with solos, duets, group performances and student choreographed work.

It was a fantastic way to socialise with other schools as well as improve our performance dance skills.

Our dance teacher, Ashlee Rihia, choreographed the performances for our junior and senior students.

In addition to performing on stage and watching other school groups, we attended hip-hop, contemporary and jazz workshops throughout the day. These workshops were a great opportunity to learn new moves, relax, have fun and choreograph routines with new people from other schools. The lessons within the workshops were challenging at times and quite fast, but they opened up our minds to different styles of dance.

At night, we got ready in our dressing room for the evening gala, wearing costumes for the senior class performance, ‘Sia the greatest’ and the Junior class ‘Hard knock life’ from the musical Annie.

After the gala we finished the day with brilliant results. Zoe Bishop-Wilson was the runner up for the soloist section and the Junior dance group won the Year 7/8 section. This was an exciting outcome for all of the dance girls as it was the first time Woodford House had taken part in this event. The event was a success, thanks to our dance teacher Ashlee Rihia as well as Mrs Jo Carpenter and Mrs Fiona Mackenzie for organising the day out.

ih_sept17_dance nzmade1

Dance NZmade 2017.

Dance NZmade was a new, interesting, fun and exciting experience. We hope to attend the competition again.

Stephanie Goodwin, Student Head of Dance

The Kids Sing

The smallest choir with the biggest heart, Our Year 7/8 choir Grace Notes, competed in the Kids Sing East Coast School Choir Festival 2017 on Wednesday 9 August at Peak Vision Church in Havelock North.

Adjudicator Katie MacFarlane commended Grace Notes on their good unity of sound and congratulated Year 12 students Emily Park and Amelia Foster on their excellent student conducting and accompaniment.

Grace Notes gave a sincere performance of the set song In my dream followed by E to Matou which impressed Ms MacFarlane with the choir’s secure soprano and alto part singing. Their final song Animal Imagination combined creative movements and plenty of enthusiasm.

ih_sept17_Grace Notes at Kids Sing

Grace Notes at Kids Sing.

Grace Notes was the smallest choir in the competition and also the only one led by students.

Ms MacFarlane commented on the lovely sense of trust and confidence our choir members had in their student directors. She also commended the directors for the hard work that had gone into establishing, directing and managing a choir of their own.

Fiona Mackenzie, Arts Coordinator