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Pathways to Future Learning

Girls are progressing well in their Pathways programmes this year and many students have nearly completed their tourism, early childhood and agricultural units. The bulk of Pathways learning is self-directed on individual papers related to student interests.

Year 12 student, Yani Mitchell is busy completing the practical component of the equine papers she has been studying through New Zealand Equine Education Trust (NZEET). Next year she is aiming to gain National Certificates in Equine Studies, which will give her a huge advantage in the industry.

Pathways also assists students to attend courses outside of school which are related to specific career paths or skills such as barista and Bar Licence Control Qualification courses. Year 11 student Ava Bake went to an EIT film course recently, which reinforced her desire to get involved in the film industry. In addition, two students have attended tourism courses at the Queenstown Resort College and Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) in New Plymouth.

Lucy Gee-Taylor, Year 13 saysIt was such a cool experience and I met a lot of interesting people and interacted with many of the current students at PIHMS. It gave me support in my plans for the future as I had an interest in hospitality. I also gained a scholarship out of it!”

We have started an initiative to provide some Level 1 students with opportunities to gain credits and explore future subject and study options. So far students have completed a unit on fundamental office administration skills. The girls also participated in a course called Plan Your Future which was a real confidence booster.

Alexandra Woodmass, Year 11 says “I learnt how to budget my life and find career paths that interest me. It also taught me that some of the careers that I would like to do in the future are possible and that I could achieve them.”

Our girls are enjoying working at their own pace in fields of study they are passionate about. Beyond school, these topics will take them on a variety of paths including practical further study, employment or academic tertiary study.

Ms Jane Perry, Pathways Programmes Coordinator