Woodford house


Pathways Progress

Students have had a busy month attending courses in the Pathways Department. Girls have taken part in PORSE workshops, First Aid courses, Barista training, a leadership workshop and a Health and Safety course.


Safety Matters tutor Helen Taylor and students from Woodford House, Karamu, St Johns and Havelock North High School in the Pathways hub.

Health and Safety is integral to all aspects of our working life these days, which was highlighted at a course held at Woodford House. Learning how to recognise hazards at work and in the environment and how to minimise those risks are useful skills for our girls who are in the workplace through school situations or their part-time jobs. It was a great couple of days learning relevant information in a practical setting. It is always good for our girls to mix with other schools, and being able to run a mixed-school workshop here in our Pathways hub was fantastic.

Ms Jane Perry, Pathways Programmes Coordinator