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Pathways Profile – Hannah Bone

As part of the Pathways programme, Year 13 student Hannah Bone has been studying to achieve a Certificate in Early Childhood Education. Pathways gives senior students the opportunity to study alternative subjects to the curriculum, which lead to tertiary study or employment options.

During the programme, Hannah has enjoyed visiting local kindergartens to observe and gain a greater insight into the profession. There are a few papers in the Early Childhood Education Certificate which require students to work alongside pre-schoolers. The staff at Piccolini in Havelock North have been so welcoming to our students this year. It is wonderful for our girls to gain valuable experience in such a warm and welcoming environment.

Hannah Bone doing observations at Piccolini in Havelock North.

Hannah talks about her experience and gives feedback about her learning below:

What do you like about your area of study?

I really enjoy learning about what it takes to become an early childhood teacher. Also learning the best ways to look after young children and what to do in certain situations. Learning the ins and outs of the Early Childhood Education service has been a great experience. Being able to visit kindergartens and observe the kids and the teachers and see what it is like has been an amazing opportunity.

How has Pathways helped you?

Pathways has helped me to be more independent with my work because I see my Porse teacher every fortnight and Ms Perry twice a week. The rest of the time it is up to me to get my work done. It has helped me to be more organised with my work and my time.

How has Pathways supported your future study or career?

Pathways has helped me to see what it might be like once I am no longer at school. It has been an incredible experience and is something I would recommend girls to do. Being given the opportunity to be able to achieve my certificate in Early Childhood Care and to be able to say that I completed two years towards Early Childhood Care. I have yet to decide whether I will move into the profession straight away or in the future, but I have enjoyed being able to study early childhood care at Woodford House.

Ms Jane Perry, Pathways Coordinator