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Painting with Intensity and Passion

In Semester One, I had the honour of teaching an enthusiastic group of Year 10 students who were keen to learn all about Art.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and this was certainly the case with the accompanying photos that demonstrate the talent, intensity and passion of these young artists who explored their own portraits through painting, printmaking and drawing techniques.

Ms Diane Morris, TIC Design, Photography & DVC (Graphics)


Vayva Ridley, Maia Troup and Claudia Eames working on their paintings after school.

ih_sept17_002 Claudia Eames

Claudia Eames self-portrait after Van Gogh.

ih_sept17_003 Ms_Morris_with_Vayva_Ridley_&_Claudia_Eames

Ms Morris with Vayva Ridley and Claudia Eames.

ih_sept17_004 Kate Richards

Nicole Parnell, Ellie Knowles and Kate Richards work on their paintings.

ih_sept17_005 Kate Richards

Kate Richard’s self-portrait.

ih_sept17_006 Ruby_Chadd_selecting_papers

Ruby Chadd selecting papers to print on.

ih_sept17_007 Ruby Chadd 1

Ruby Chadd’s woodcut print.

ih_sept17_008 Ruby Chadd

Ruby Chadd’s self-portrait.

ih_sept17_009 Y10_Art_printmaking

Year 10 students printmaking.

ih_sept17_010 Amelia Bone

Amelia Bone’s self portrait showing the influence of Nigel Brown.

ih_sept17_011 Lily Waites

Lily Waites self-portrait after Van Gogh.

ih_sept17_012 Giorgia Hickey 1

Giorgia Hickey’s self-portrait after Freda Kahlo.

ih_sept17_013 Nicole Parnell

Nicole Parnell’s woodcut print.

ih_sept17_014 Ava Birkhead

Ava Birkhead’s self-portrait.