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Oversew Fashion Awards

Sustainability is a focus for students in Materials Technology and for the first time, senior students entered outfits in The Earthcare Environmental Oversew Fashion Awards this year.

The entries were judged by Jennifer Whitty, Senior lecturer at Massey University School of Design, Bernadette Casey, Founder and Creative Director of The Formary, where surplus and homeless textiles are transformed into innovative new products, and Laurie Foon, Founder and Designer of the fashion label Starfish. After judging for selection into the competition, Year 13 students Courtney Honnor and Esther Scrimshaw had their entries accepted into the AMOS Construction Menswear section. The show was held in Carterton on 22 and 23 July.

Earlier this year, senior Materials Technology students had a class visit by the organisers of Oversew. They brought some of the winning garments from 2016. They talked about what to aim for and what to avoid when designing and creating entries. The competition required 80 percent of the outfit to be made from pre loved garments.

ih_sept17_Oversew visit

At the show, photos of the garments were shown on the cat walk as the new creations were modelled. It was a professionally run fashion show, which was fully booked out weeks in advance. Esther, Courtney, their Mothers and I attended the evening show. Entries came from across New Zealand and the world, and included designers from schools, tertiary education and the wider community. A St Matthews’s student took out several awards including the coveted Young Designer Award. Next year we will aim for more entries into this fabulous competition.

ih_sept17_Esther Scrimshaw - front

Design by Esther Scrimshaw – front view.

ih_sept17_Esther Scrimshaw - back

Design by Esther Scrimshaw – back view.

ih_SEPT17_Courtney Honnor front

Design by Courtney Honnor – front view.

ih_sept17_Courtney Honnor back

Design by Courtney Honnor – back view.

A highlight for Esther was translating her design ideas into the outfit she created and exploring different techniques to give the fabric a new look. Courtney enjoyed seeing all the different designs and the original garments used to create them. Also that used, old fashioned clothing can be recreated into a fashionable outfit.

Courtney has had another of her designs accepted for a show called Walk the Line, in the High Fashion category at Fashion Week. YMCA and Fashion week have combined to provide opportunities for school students who showed their designs at the Viaduct Event centre on 2 September. Annabelle Stanhope was modelling the dress and cape designed by Courtney.

Mrs Pam Knight, HOD Technology