Woodford house


Outstanding Academic Results

The large signs around Hawke’s Bay may have loudly congratulated our girls on 100% NCEA pass rates but the success stories behind these need to be heard even louder.

The stories of individual excellence and personal growth continue to be talked about at school and we have great pleasure in sharing these with our community.

In an Academic Assembly on Tuesday 1 March, we celebrated extraordinary numbers of girls achieving course and level endorsements, at a level never seen before. Our endorsement rates can be described in no way other than outstanding.

The Year Level NCEA results are:




Woodford House National Results
Year 11 students gaining NCEA Level 1 with excellence 56.8% 18.9%
Year 11 students gaining NCEA Level 1 with merit 29.7% 35.8%
Year 12 students gaining NCEA Level 2 with excellence 50% 14.7% 
Year 12 Students gaining NCEA Level 2 with merit 42.1% 27%
Year 13 students gaining NCEA Level 3 with excellence 23.3% 13.7% 
Year 13 Students gaining NCEA Level 3 with merit  46.5% 28.8%


We are also exceptionally proud of the growth in the number of endorsements awarded during the past four years. (An endorsement is given to students who consistently perform above the achieved level.)

The growth in excellence endorsements has come after continued focus on students being at the centre of all that we do which includes course design, teaching spaces and resource allocation.

Graph showing NCEA excellence endorsements


Athena Award

Alongside the acknowledgement of endorsements was the awarding of school colours and letters and an exciting new initiative, the Athena Award.  Athena is known as the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. This award was given to those girls who gained 100% excellence in a course; this means every internal and every external they entered was attained at excellence level. This is often referred to as a Grade Point Average or GPA of 100%. Lindisfarne has the Centurion award and Karamu High School calls it the 100 Club.

The Academic Committee for 2016 will be working on what this award will physically look. We look forward to seeing what Hannah Stone and her team come up with.

The inaugural recipients of Athena Awards are:

  Award in one course Award in two courses Award in three courses
 Level 1
Michelle Kim Art
Farren McGregor-Smyth Physical Education
Ruby Poulton Art
Anna Boult Physical Education Science
Kate Ericksen Art Graphics
Annah Knowles English Home Economics
Georgina Gibbs Art English
Caitlin Maiorana Mathematics Science
Tajpreet Padda Accounting English
Catherine Nettlingham Home Economics Physical Education Science
Susannah Hansen Accounting Science Level 2 Mathematics
Level 2      
Holly McIldowie Art    
Olivia Ward Physical Education
Bridget Perkins English
Hope Phillips Art
Lydia Hill Art Design
Sarah Ardin Economics Accounting
Laura Matthews Accounting Mathematics
Manae Feleu Physical Education Chemistry
Eva Goodisson Chemistry Physical Education
Abigail May Classics English History