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Old Girl Visits DVC Graphics Students

ih_august2015_arts1Lincoln University landscape architecture student and Old Girl, Topsy Steele, recently visited some of our DVC/Graphics students. Topsy completed Level 3 Graphics in 2014 and was able to relate what she had done at Woodford to her various units of study this year. She was very positive about the design and drawing skills she learnt at Woodford and how they are now benefiting her studies at tertiary level.

Topsy’s wise and generous manner was appreciated by the students who listened avidly to her discussion about the variety of courses and lecturers, and the importance of managing studies, meeting deadlines and being an independent learner. She showed us some of her hand drawn and digital work that she has completed for her landscaping courses, and talked about the pros and cons of the various computer software packages she uses as part of her course.


Topsy in class with students

Woodford students were able to show her their own work and discuss what they were doing, as well as ask questions about tertiary study and hostel life. Topsy was very positive about the environmental aspect of her studies, for which Lincoln University is becoming well known, and which were mentioned in a recent visit to assembly by another Old Girl also at Lincoln, Tessa Williams.

From the Lincoln University website:

“Lincoln University has three overarching organisational goals; to feed the world; protect the future; and live well. It’s with these three goals in mind that every Lincoln course is now designed, with first and second-year students required to undertake courses in understanding global challenges and the opportunities that lie in solving them.”  

Diane Morris, TIC Design and Visual Communication / aka Graphics