Woodford house


New Zealand Playhouse – As you write it

Renaissance Italy, calculus, sisterhood, leadership, lust, romance, betrayal and a moose. These were the settings and themes provided by a student audience to three young actors from New Zealand Playhouse. The talented actors were tasked with improvising a play with a Shakespearean flavour. They then challenged themselves further by asking the audience for the name of a favourite movie. The movie Frozen, along with it’s characters and theme songs, were added to the storyboard.


With no planning or rehearsal time the actors constructed an improvised performance, which featured sword fights, songs and a healthy dose of silliness.

Our drama students greatly appreciated the talent and effort involved in a performance of this type and reflected on their own experiences, performing improvised drama, as they laughed their way through As you write it.

Mrs Fiona Mackenzie, Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator