Woodford house


New Zealand Music Month

New Zealand Music Month takes place during the month of May where we celebrate music from New Zealand, and the people who make it.

Librarian, Karen Carswell, kindly opened her library doors at lunchtime creating a delightful space for Woodford House musicians to perform. The first session began with Ella Ruddle, her ukulele and a brilliant original song Cliques that had the audience captivated. Alia Wentz replicated Ben Harper’s Forever with delicate fingerpicking accompanying a gentle vocal tone and Isobel Ham performed King Henry VII’s composition Pastime with Good Company on the cello, transporting us back to England in the 1500s.

Holly Lin and Alanah Price performing in the library

In the second session we welcomed our lovely gap students, Lea Ormeloh and Imke Botha who gave the audience a jazzy and joyful rendition of Billy Joel’s Piano Man on the piano and saxophone. The Game of Thrones theme was a fitting choice by Lea, and Imke serenaded us with her favourite Bach Sonata. Holly Lin and Alanah Price joined forces to warm the stage with Herb Otah’s percussive Hawaiian track Bodysurfing and a harmonious Taylor Swift mash up. Juliet Wilkie closed the show with the beautiful aria Vienie, Vienie, O Mio Diletto by Vivaldi from the opera Ercole su’l Termodonte.

The intermediate classes also had the opportunity to learn Aotearoa, nō te katoa, the 2019 Hook Line and Sing-a-long composed by Year 10 student, Lucy Summerfield from Motueka High School for Music Month. The girls have been learning the ukulele so they were able to practice their chords as well as singing with sign language.

What an incredible mix of musical talent we have at Woodford House. We believe we should celebrate New Zealand music all year round!

Emily Mackie, Music Teacher