Woodford house


New Deans structure for 2016

A new Deans structure will begin in 2016. This will be the final piece to an improved pastoral care system at Woodford House.

Three years ago, we committed to creating a better pastoral care system. We believe that if each girl has an adult who knows her well and takes an active interest in her learning and life, then her chances of making it successfully through her time at Woodford will grow exponentially.

This process involved reviewing the current system, researching best practices in New Zealand and abroad, creating an inquiry group, and gathering feedback from staff and students.WOODFORD-6237 copy

A strong message that came through from the girls was that family and friendships were important at Woodford, not just in their year groups but across the school. The girls also told us it was equally important to build and maintain a strong bond within their year group.

We took that valuable feedback and combined it with research, which included looking at other schools’ pastoral care, and designed an improved homeroom and deans system.

In 2016, the Homerooms will continue to be made up of 12 girls, ranging from year 9 – 13.

All of the girls in each Homeroom will be from the same house – Rouncil, Frimley, Wallingford and Tauroa – and it will remain their homeroom group throughout their years at Woodford.

This will give the girls an opportunity to build relationships with people who are not in their year group while pursuing the benefits of big sister / little sister initiatives.

This means there will also be House Deans, rather than Year Level Deans. The House Deans for 2016 are:

  • Rouncil: Mrs Rachel Roberts
  • Frimley: Mrs Charissa Barham
  • Wallingford: Mr Warren Purdy
  • Tauroa: Mrs Belinda Averill

There will be no change to the Year 7 and 8 Homeroom structure and their Dean will still be Ms Lynn McKenna.

To ensure the Year 9 – 13 girls spend time together as a year group we have created the following opportunities:

Dedicated hang out spaces:

Each year group will have a space where they can socialise before school.

  • Year 12: Common room
  • Year 13: Common room
  • Year 11: H101
  • Year 10: H105
  • Year 9: H104

Picnics on the Principal’s lawn
During terms 1 and 4, different year groups will take turns having lunch together on the Principal’s lawn.

The girls will be able to sit together in Chapel,  rather than in homerooms.

Year groups will come together when there is an activity or an event specific to a year level. For example, the School Ball, Camps or NCEA meetings.

All girls were informed of the changes in assembly today.

Improved Pastoral Care Process Timeline

2013: Student diary was introduced to support the form teacher and the student with goal setting and monitoring and tracking progress.

 2014: A ‘Learning to Learn’ programme was introduced where year level deans provided a weekly programme with a common focus such as reflectiveness, daring to dream or service leadership.

Form Time structure changed from having a 1:24 ratio and three 10 minute teaching times to a 1:12 ratio with three 15 minute slots.

Form Time became Homeroom and Form Teachers became Mentors.  The new structure introduced support staff into the role of mentor, which allowed the girls to better connect with non-teaching staff.

2015: Homerooms became house-based (Rouncil, Frimley, Wallingford and Tauroa) and mixed year groups.

2016: House Deans introduced.