Woodford house


New Careers Advisor Passionate About Self-Awareness

I am delighted to be the new Careers Advisor for Woodford House this year, taking the reins from Mrs Pam Knight who has been in this role for the past 30 years.

I have been the Pathways Co-ordinator since 2013 and this teaching role of coordinating work placements and facilitating subjects that sit outside of the curriculum aligns very effectively with career support for our students. 

Our goal is to prepare Woodford House girls for life beyond school. Having access to information and support around tertiary learning and career pathways is crucial for our young people, particularly in a rapidly changing work environment. 

I aim to provide opportunities for the girls to develop self-awareness, which empowers them to explore their career interests and have access to information about how they can pursue their goals. 

Our girls will need to have the courage to take on the world in their terms, wherever their passions lie. Whilst this is not always clear at school, and will probably change several times during their lives, I hope to start them positively on this journey. Working with the students individually and in workshops at school will ideally lead to conversations between the girls, myself, homeroom mentors and parents. Sharing our understanding and building our knowledge beyond the beliefs of our generation to embrace future possibilities for our girls will set the foundations for their success.

I am looking forward to getting to know your girls and supporting them in their transition to the worlds of tertiary education and employment. I also invite our parents and caregivers to share this journey with us. Families are encouraged to attend any of the University liaison visits. Notices about such up-coming events or courses will be posted on Career Central, Schoology groups and the Week Ahead notices where possible, and you are welcome to seek an interview with me. 

We use a platform called Careers Central which allows me to record student data. It’s also a one-stop shop for the girls to reflect on their personal profile, search for jobs, qualifications, universities and so on. Parents can log on to Careers Central using their Kamar username and password on the website or download the app.

Mrs Jane Perry, Careers Advisor