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Netball Coaches

Several girls have started their Community Coach award where they have to complete five modules within two years. These girls have set a target to complete all five modules in the next month.

Some girls are returning student coaches but many are new. We also have three centre badge umpires in the group – Sam Walsh,  Pieta Parvin and Georgia Trent. In addition to these girls, Emily Crosse, Cilla Hewitt, Emma Rolston-Galbraith, Grace May, Lucy Roberts, Bridget de Latour, Mollie Moffett, Arshdeep Shetra, Katie McNeill and Bridgette Styles are also completing the modules.

Some girls are using this course to help them with a Physical Education Achievement standard which is based around leadership strategies.

When girls were asked why they wanted to coach, many of them said, “to give back, be great to get to know the younger girls and to be able to help them and to learn how to be a better leader”.

By the end of their first session girls had a greater understanding of how to put the player at the heart of the team and their coaching, how to teach a game, understanding their approach to coaching, a seasonal plan and a weekly plan of what they needed to do as a coach.

Charissa Barham, HoD Physical Education