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Outstanding NCEA Success

Woodford House achieved outstanding academic success in 2018. The School continues to deliver exceptional results year on year, and is delighted to receive 96%, 100% and 100% pass rates in Levels 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Woodford House is proud of its learner centred approach to education, where staff and students alike are motivated towards ongoing learning and personal excellence. Academically, this pursuit of excellence is exemplified through the School’s NCEA Endorsement results, with 82% of NCEA students receiving Merit or Excellence Endorsements.

The pursuit of excellence and empowering students to be ‘better than the day before’ have always been prominent ideals of Woodford House. Principal, Mrs Julie Peterson, is committed to bringing this culture of excellence to life across all areas of the school, whether academic, sporting, cultural or spiritual.

“As a Home to Excellence, Woodford House will continue to provide an environment where innovation, creativity and collaboration thrive – an environment of exceptional education and endless opportunities that will allow each of our girls to confidently lead the way into the future.”

“We recognise the importance of developing and inspiring a strong learning culture across the entire student and staff community. At our core, we are a learning community, and very much a high achieving one at that.”

Woodford House is proud of its outstanding NCEA success in 2018 and wishes to congratulate all students on their dedication, hard work and continued enthusiasm for education. Please scroll down to view our 2018 NCEA results.

Woodford House is also delighted to celebrate its highest number of NCEA scholarships this year. A record 19 scholarships were awarded to Year 13 students across nine different curriculum areas including Accounting, Biology, Classical Studies, Design, English, French, Geography, History, and Painting.

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Excellence Endorsements