Woodford house


We did it again – 100% NCEA Success

Woodford House is proud to celebrate one of the country’s highest NCEA pass rates, with 100 per cent of senior students passing NCEA in 2019.

This is the second year that 100% of all three cohorts gained NCEA since reporting began in 2007.

In addition, 90% of students gained University Entrance and we received eleven NCEA Scholarships across English, Classics, Chinese, Calculus and Painting.

Principal Julie Peterson says these exceptional results are the culmination of the hard work and passion put in throughout 2019 by our Boards, staff, students and their families.

“The girls are at the centre of this success. It is their drive and genuine love of learning combined with our small class sizes, our dedicated and passionate educators, our comprehensive pastoral care systems and committed and engaged parents who support the learning of their daughter.”

She says Woodford House is proud to be a community of life-long learners.

“Our staff readily engage in ongoing professional development, which is generously supported by our Boards. They are committed to not only delivering best practices in education, but leading the way in their fields.”

We are also extremely proud of last year’s Year 13 students who were awarded $220,000 collectively in tertiary scholarships.

Mrs Peterson says this is an outstanding outcome that we, as a school, are extremely proud of.

The girls who achieved their personal academic excellence, whether that be achieved, merit or excellence, are to be congratulated on a wonderful set of results.

“Congratulations girls, the results are a reflection of your dedication, drive and passion for being the best you can be,” Mrs Peterson says.

Ms Chloe Johnson, Communications Manager