Woodford house


My First Taste of CREST

When CREST, a food product development competition, was first announced at Woodford House, I was inspired to take part and challenge myself in the food technology world.

It has been an amazing experience that has revealed my true passion for food technology and product design. CREST has been the perfect experience to taste what it is like working with a large food company and designing new products.

My team (Zoë Yandell, Lucy Roberts and myself) worked extremely hard over Terms 2 and 3 to create an amazing product, MOZOLY AIOLI (credit to Mrs Amy Reid for the name!). MOZOLY AIOLI is a chipotle and lime flavoured aioli that is, hypothetically, the newest member in the Heinz ‘seriously good’ range. Our aioli adds a touch of culture to the range, keeping it interesting and is the perfect addition to the newest food trend, cultural eating.

During Term 3, we presented our idea to the CREST judges in Palmerston North. Two Woodford House teams entered the heated competition, ours and Te Mata Sauce (consisting of Brianna Lyons, Jemima Peck and Emily Crosse). Both teams presented brilliantly and enjoyed sharing their projects with other teams entered. Overall, Te Mata Sauce placed first-equal with Napier Girls’ High School, and our team came third.

We all showed strengths and utilised them to the best of our abilities in order to work well as a team and complete the project in time. The skills that CREST has taught me are very relevant now and in the future when it comes to product design, working with a large company and working as a team. I am extremely proud of Zoë, Lucy and myself for what we achieved.

Molly Goodisson, Year 12