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My 125 Moment – Julie Peterson

Julie Peterson


Memories are such powerful ways to capture and treasure very special moments in our lives. As I enter my fourth year at Woodford House, I feel so fortunate to have a treasure trove of such memories. Whilst there have been many events and wonderful experiences, the opening of the Dame Kate Harcourt Performing Arts Centre is a particularly significant one for me. It is the story of a magnificent new facility, a glorious purpose built teaching and learning building resplendent with David Trubridge lights and a grand piano.

However, it is a much more than a tale of bricks and mortar, it is rather an encounter with one of the brightest spirits I have ever met. Dame Kate has character. When she joined us for the official opening on the afternoon of Thursday 9 March we knew we had someone very special in our midst. Joyful, curious and mischievous, Dame Kate entranced her audience throughout and eyes brimmed with tears as she roused the Old Girls in her midst to once again sing On Top of the Hill.

 In true style Dame Kate renamed the building ‘Kate’s Place’ and to this day, a sense of joy fills me as I walk through the doors and think of her childlike wonder and joie de vivre.

In 2019, Woodford House will celebrate its 125th anniversary as a leading school for girls. In the lead up to this significant milestone, we are sharing 125 Moments or Memories about Woodford House from a range of perspectives including Old Girls, Parents, Current Students, Staff and Board Members. We invite you to share your special moment here