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My 125 Moment – Jane Perry

Jane Perry

Woodford House Old Girl (Head Prefect, 1985) and Current Teacher

WH 1981-1985 

Something I value from my time at Woodford House was the number of opportunities we had to get involved as a school community.

On Swimming and Athletics sports days especially, I looked forward with nervous anticipation to the individual challenge, but also to the excitement and solidarity induced from house competitiveness. The memory of the buzz of house competition and the camaraderie of gathering closely around the action in our oh-so picturesque grounds still sets my pulse racing like I’m about to race again!

The spirit of community was strong, as parents sat and cheered along with the girls in those days. We picnicked around the cars on the bottom field, hampers laid out in the back of the station wagons or utes.

Jane Perry, Head Girl in 1985

I’ll never forget one athletics day during the last house relay of the day. A father shouted out, “Go blue” to me as I ran past him, frantically chasing the other house runners meters ahead of me. I have no idea who he was, but he helped us win that relay with those two words of encouragement for my house.

I may be the only one, but I do miss my rompers!

In 2019, Woodford House will celebrate its 125th anniversary as a leading school for girls. In the lead up to this significant milestone, we are sharing 125 Moments or Memories about Woodford House from a range of perspectives including Old Girls, Parents, Current Students, Staff and Board Members. We invite you to share your special moment here