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My 125 Moment – Amelia Foster

Amelia Foster

Arts Prefect, 2018

Ever since I came to Woodford House at 11 years old, I have had my heart set on singing in the Woodford House Chapel Choir. The choir has always had significance to me; my Mum sang in it whilst she attended Woodford House, the choir sang at my parents’ wedding and my Choral Director at the St John’s Cathedral Choir previously directed the choir.

After hearing the choir in the Chapel for the first time, I was determined to be part of it. I worked for four years, singing in school and church choirs, until I was finally allowed to audition for the Chapel Choir at the end of Year 10.

Since joining the Chapel Choir I have had many highlights, but the pinnacle would have to be the 2018 Big Sing, in particular the performance of Tundra by Ola Gjeilo. This stunning modern composition captures the Norwegian alps, with a rolling piano accompaniment and haunting harmonies under a beautiful soprano solo.

For me, this was the epitome of my time in the Chapel Choir. As we began our Tundra performance at the Big Sing, the Cathedral fell silent and we all became totally immersed in the music that we were creating. As I broke off from the chorus to sing the solo it felt like the culmination of years of work. I was both hyper aware of everything around me and completely oblivious at the same time, it was like nothing I’ve ever done before. I ebbed in and out of the harmonies, between singing the solo and the accompaniment, before floating with the rest of the choir to the end of the piece. As the song ended and I returned to reality, I looked over to where my Mum and Nana were sitting in the front row. I hadn’t told them I was going to be singing a solo so that it would surprise them, and surprised they were. My Mum was close to tears and my Nana was smiling. I had made my family, my school and myself proud, it was an exceptional moment.

In 2019, Woodford House will celebrate its 125th anniversary as a leading school for girls. In the lead up to this significant milestone, we are sharing 125 Moments or Memories about Woodford House from a range of perspectives including Old Girls, Parents, Current Students, Staff and Board Members. We invite you to share your special moment here