Woodford house


Music Cup Winners

This was a full day of talented performances by individual musicians competing for house points and trophies.

The adjudicator, Tessa-Mae Brown, was impressed with the standard of performance and the marks between place-getters were close.

The results are:

  • Hoby Cup (Intermediate) 1st: Rachel Hansen (F), 2nd: Harriet Park (T), 3rd= Olivia Dowley (R) and Harriet Park (T)
  • Elvidge Cup (Junior) 1st = Amelia Foster (T) and Bella Christie (W), 3rd: Emily Park (T)
  • Kennedy Cup (Senior) 1st: Susannah Hansen (F), 2nd: Hannah Stone (T), 3rd: Mizuki Isaka (F)

Congratulations to all of these musicians.