Woodford house


House Music Cup 2018

The school rang with music all day during the House Music Cup competition held on Wednesday 11 April. House Music Cup offers the opportunity for competition between houses for individual musicians and small groups. This year was the biggest ever with 136 performances. Girls were adjudicated in two venues by Miss Georgie Cole and Miss Emily Mackie. Georgie is a Woodford House Old Girl and previous Student Head of Music. The overall standard was high with many students also completing an NCEA assessment with their performance.

House Music Cup Winners

Hoby Cup (Year 7/8): Meghan Wuisan

Elvidge Cup (Year 9/10): Man Lok Tsang

Kennedy Cup (Year 11-13): Amelia Foster



The following girls were placed in each category:

Junior Guitar

1st: Courtney Woodmass

2nd: Ella Mowbray

3rd: Isobel Ham


Senior Guitar

1st: Alanah Price

2nd: Larah Morrison

3rd: Ella Ruddle


Junior Strings

1st: Amelia Dear

2nd: Isobel Ham

3rd: Harriet Park


Senior Strings

1st: Amelia Foster

2nd: Maia Briggs


Open Drum Solo

1st: Imogen Lovell

2nd: Emma McDougall

3rd: Polly Phillips


Open Brass 

1st: Meghan Grant

2nd: Rachel Hansen


Piano Solo Intermediate

1st: Meghan Wuisan

2nd: Charlotte Wray

3rd: Harriet Douglas


Open Instrumental Duet

1st: Emily Park & Amelia Foster

2nd: Cherry Pang & Man Lok Tsang

3rd: Meghan Wuisan & Caetlyn Greenwood-Beard


Junior Woodwind

1st: Man Lok Tsang

2nd: Miharu Nagata

3rd =: Peak Techathong / Esther Dear


Senior Woodwind

1st: Emily Park

2nd: Point Techathong

3rd: Ellie Knowles


Small Groups Open

1st: Emily Park, Amelia Foster, Man Lok Tsang

2nd =: Rachel Hansen, Amelia Dear, Isobel Ham / Ellie Knowles, Miharu Nagata, Mackenzie Grant, Peak Techathong, Point Techathong, Man Lok Tsang

3rd: Point Techathong, Peak Techathong, Prae Putipanpong


Junior Piano Solo

1st: Hyewon Kim

2nd: Harriet Park

3rd: Rachel Hansen


Senior Piano Solo

1st: Amelia Foster

2nd: Emily Park

3rd=: Tracy Zeng / Ella Mackenzie


Independent Performer

1st: Rebecca Jamieson

2nd: Stephanie Goodwin

3rd: Courtney Woodmass


Open Vocal Duet

1st: Rosa Pike & Charlotte Wray

2nd: Giorgia Hickey & Emma Jackson

3rd=: Madeleine Mickleson and Sarah Wixon / Bridget de Lautour and Hanna Ellingham


Junior Vocal Solo

1st: Rosa Pike

2nd: Charlotte Wray

3rd: Eryn Nairn


Senior Vocal Solo

1st: Bella Christie

2nd: Ella Ruddle

3rd: Amelia Foster


Junior Vocal Solo

1st: Noreen Mnyanyi

2nd: Rosa Mackenzie

3rd: Courtney Woodmass