Woodford house


Market Day Success

The hall was abuzz on Monday afternoon with atmosphere; music, hawkers, girls rushing from stall to stall finding the best value for money and many appetites being satisfied. Market Day is a highlight of the Business Studies course in Year 10 and this year we had seven business groups in this first semester selling their wares.

All the stalls looked fantastic and had creative names such as: Besta Sweetz – Common Scents – Sugar and Spice – Bliss Kiss – Drink Up – Pick n Mix and Hot Mess.

Products that the groups sold were: pizzas, lemonade, lolly mixes, hash browns, churros, sherbets, spring rolls, drink bottles, homemade biscuits, ice cream sundaes, fairy bread, lip scrubs, lucky dips, chocolate mousse, donuts, rainbow belts, fries, frozen cokes, scented candles, bed sox and there was a photo booth.


The hype around Market Day organisation has been in full flight over the last two weeks. This learning opportunity gives the girls a ‘real life’ context and experience in running a successful business. The girls had appointed themselves as directors of communications, marketing, finance and operations. The process began six weeks ago with local business mentors coming into school to offer advice and throw out some curly questions to our budding entrepreneurs. The girls have worked tirelessly and have put many business skills into practice including:

  • Using market research tools to work out what their target market would buy
  • Making pricing decisions that ensure cost covering and healthy profit margins
  • Advertising via social media, posters and an assembly presentation
  • Organising stall set up and logistics
  • Communicating with internal and external organisations throughout the process.

Mrs Ange Rathbone, Acting HoD Business Studies