Woodford house


Market Day Success Once Again!

The school was abuzz with noise and laughter on Monday 2 November as market stall holders sold their products to the Woodford community.

Market Day is a highlight of the Business Studies course in Year 10 and, this year, we had four business groups in this second semester selling their wares.

All of the stalls looked the part and we had creative names such as: Pretty & Pink, The Dairy, Kaleidoscope and Hawaiian Paradise.

Products included pizzas, cupcakes, rainbow belts, lollies, spider drinks, iced chocolate, chocolate mousse, hot chips, photos, phone cases, popcorn, tote bags, pompom key rings and ‘throw sponges at the prefects’.

Market Day gave the girls a ‘real life’ context and experience in running a successful business.

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The process began six weeks before Market Day. Girls appointed themselves as directors of communications, marketing, finance and operations.  They worked tirelessly and put many business skills into practice, such as:

  • Using market research tools to work out what their target market would buy
  • Making pricing decisions that ensure cost covering and healthy profit margins
  • Advertising via social media, posters and an assembly presentation
  • Organising stall set up and logistics
  • Communicating with internal and external organisations throughout the process.

Mrs Emily Miller-Matcham, TIC Year 10 Business Studies