Woodford house



It’s a common saying that “those who can’t, teach,” but the opposite is true at Woodford House. I recently got to see first-hand one of my teachers showcase their talents outside the classroom.

In March I auditioned for the Napier Repertory Players’ production of Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes and directed by Ken Keys. I soon discovered I would be working alongside my curriculum Drama teacher Emily Miller-Matcham. As a collaborative project between the actors and the director, the rehearsal process was about trying new ideas and workshopping scenes to make the most of this ancient play. The creative process shaped the production into a bawdy, no-holds-barred comedy better suited to the modern audience.

It was such a great opportunity to apply the skills I have learnt at school in a practical, real-world situation, and even better to witness my teacher using them effectively as a part of a team. The cast was comprised of many talented people and together we were able to create a show that we believe Aristophanes himself would have been proud to see on stage.

Being part of the cast, and working in this show taught me so much. It provided me with a glimpse behind the curtains at exactly how far the educators at Woodford House are invested in the skills they teach.

All in all, the opportunity has been, dare I say, “enlightening”.

Michaela-Rose Tripp, Year 13