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Little Red Robot Visit

Hastings based designer and illustrator Bex Bloomfield visited our senior Visual Art Design students in class this week to talk about her life as a graphic designer.

Bex is responsible for the branding of local icons such as the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market, Brave Brewing Company, Fringe in the ‘Stings, and Local Yolkels, as well as advertising for Hutchinsons.

She covered topics such as “it’s not all super creative”, “finding your process”, “knowing your craft”, “not taking it personally” and “creative satisfaction”, giving a sound insight into the highs, lows and sometimes mundane life as a small business owner and graphic designer.

Student Head of Design Libby Dawson thought the visit was worthwhile and her designs were “really cool and creative”.

She said it was interesting to find out what life is like as a designer and to find out about Bex’s unique pathway into design.

Diane Morris, TIC Design Photography & DVC (Graphics)