Woodford house


Leaving a Legacy

ih_sept17_MontanaWoodford House has been presented with many precious taonga over the years that have been treasured, nurtured and cared for to this day, such as the annual Year 13 leavers’ gifts, and gifts from Old Girls and visiting guests.

With our school upholding the value of these treasures, the Kapa Haka group saw an opportunity to present a gift that, we hope, will live to see many ceremonies, special occasions and other events.

The Woodford House Kapa Haka group came together at the beginning of Term 1 to form their overall theme, which would help guide us through the year. After much discussion, we decided to focus on ‘Leaving a Legacy’ and to commission a korowai for the School.

As a group, we spent many Tuesday afternoons planning and finalising the details by writing proposals, preparing costs, organising fundraising and looking at the overall design of the korowai. So far, we have held two raffle fundraisers – one which raised $400 and the other is still underway with some tickets yet to be sold. We also intend to hold another fundraiser in the near future to cover the costs of the project and hopefully we can put any remaining funds towards other important events.

A korowai, or Māori cloak, holds immense significance as it represents strength, mana, pride, resilience, prestige and greatness for both the individual wearing it and those in the presence of the korowai. It represents the togetherness of everyone in the presence of the korowai to celebrate exceptional achievements.

It is also important to commemorate and reflect on those who have come before us, those who have left their legacy, while in the presence of the korowai. We are extremely grateful for all who have contributed towards the korowai and we hope more will support us in our journey.

The korowai will be used in formal occasions, special ceremonies, commissioning services and for the Dux winner at Prize Giving. A name is yet to be finalised, but this will be announced when the korowai is presented to the School at the start of Term 4.

Montana Porima, Wallingford Prefect