Woodford house


Years 11-13

Senior Years

The senior years are when girls start to see their future beyond Woodford House more clearly. It is when their dreams turn into ambitious visions that will not only shape their world – but the world.

As a leading school for girls, it is our responsibility to ensure girls leave Woodford House as women of strength, courage and grace who are grounded by Christian values. It is crucial they are equipped with life skills such as tolerance, resilience, confidence and curiosity in order to navigate their way through an ever-changing world.

Teaching and Learning

Years 11 – 13 are some of the most important academic years of a girl’s life. Woodford House provides a stimulating environment that empowers girls to be more than they thought was possible.

Our teachers are experts in their fields who provide rich learning opportunities that guide girls to excel. Woodford House delivers the New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) curriculum, which is well-recognised and highly regarded by employers worldwide.

Senior course programmes are personalised to help each girl reach their own learning goals. At Year 13, girls are invited to join the Woodford House Scholarship Academy to strengthen their chances of NZQA Scholarship.


Servant and authentic leadership is a mind-set that helps develop the necessary skills required to lead fulfilling lives. We encourage all girls to step outside of their comfort zone and participate in leadership roles, both in class and during co-curricular experiences.

Official leadership roles are established in Year 13 with a selected Prefect Team, led by the Head Girl. Each member of the Prefect Team is partnered with a mentor who helps foster growth as an aspiring leader.

Next Steps

Preparation for life beyond Woodford House is part of a girl’s entire journey with us, but it is heightened during her senior years.

Year 13 boarders experience living in Woodford House Apartments that are on site. This allows them to develop a greater sense of independence and self-efficacy while deepening friendships.

Senior students receive specialised career guidance and are given the opportunity to visit a wide range of New Zealand universities to ensure they are well informed of possible next steps. In Year 12, the girls attend a Careers Day hosted by Woodford House which connects them with high achieving Old Girls and parents who share their career pathways.

When a girl graduates, she becomes a valued member of the Woodford House Old Girls’ Association, and knows the gates of Woodford House are always open for her.