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Learning and Pastoral Conferences March 2015

Dionne Thomas, Director of Learning

Dionne Thomas, Director of Learning

‘Good learners balance their relationships with other people, being willing to be interdependent, without becoming either too dependent on others for support and feedback, or too aloof and unwilling to take criticism or to work as part of a team.’ (Guy Claxton)

In 2014, at the start of Term 2 we trialled Learning and Pastoral Conferences with the junior school. Alongside our new vertical mentoring groups we would like to continue the trial, but with the whole school, at the end of this term.

This will be in the form of ten minute Learning and Pastoral Conferences with your daughter’s homeroom mentor. The rationale behind this trial is that the mentor (as your first port-of-call for learning and pastoral conversations at Woodford) has the best picture of your daughter at this stage in her 2015 learning journey. It is a requirement for students to be present at these interviews.

Session 1: Wednesday, 1 April 3.30pm – 6.00pm
Session 2: Thursday, 2 April 11.00am – 1.00pm

Student attendance is most important if next learning steps are to occur. A great article to consider on student-led conferences can be found here.

On Thursday, if students are not involved in a conference, they will be in organised House Music rehearsals (NB: The Thursday performance is at 1.15pm).

Please note at the end of Term 2 all Year 7 -13 students will be involved in five minute course-based interviews. These are interviews booked by you with specific course teachers.

The Learning and Pastoral Conference will run for ten minutes with parents, the student and mentor present. We are keen to hear how the first term has gone for you as parents, as well as empowering the girls to share their strengths, challenges and goals. Mentors will also share how pastorally your daughter has started the year as well as having notes from each of your daughter’s learning areas, providing next steps if deemed necessary. Mentors will have a gap between each interview to allow them to have your daughter’s information at hand. If they are unable to answer any questions or queries you may have they will point you in the right direction or get someone to make contact with you.

As this is a trial I am keen to gather your feedback. I will approach parents on the day but if you have further comments afterwards please forward them to me via email.

Information on how to book a conference will be sent via email within the next fortnight.

Academic Committee

The 2015 Academic Committee was recently announced:

Year 7/8: Tessa Burns, Kate Richards
Year 9: Scarlett Neilson, Miriam Stone
Year 10: Sophie Simons, Charlotte Frogley
Year 11: Annah Knowles, Tajpreet Padda
Year 12: Ally Callinicos, Willa Aitken
Year 13: Rosie Renton, Anna Purkiss

This group, led by Academic Prefect Rowena Chow, look forward to providing academic support to the student body. They meet regularly to help improve the academic life of the school, collecting feedback from class/year groups and are committed to helping organise the Academic House Quiz and/or the Junior Quiz/Spelling Bee.

Woodford House Scholarships

Students are now invited to apply for scholarships in the following areas: academia, the performing arts (may include any combination of music, speech, drama), sports and service. Up to four scholarships (two junior and two senior recipients) may be awarded in each of these areas.

Mrs Peterson, upon recommendation, will offer scholarships to students who display either exceptional talent or dedication/display of effort in sport, the arts, academia or service to the school. The recipient is expected to continue to uphold school values and expectations.

The maximum value of an individual scholarship is $600 for Year 7 – 10 and $1200 for Year 11 -13 and is primarily to be used for attendance dues or to pay for coaching, workshops, tuition/examination fees, purchasing relevant equipment or school related trips.

Applications may be made in more than one area, but will only be awarded in one area in any year. Successful applicants last year may not apply for the same category this year.

Applications are due to the Principal’s Assistant by 5.00pm on Friday, 1 May, 2015 and scholarships will be announced in Assembly in Week 4 of Term 2.

Mrs Dionne Thomas, Director of Learning