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Learning and Pastoral Conferences April 2015

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller

Many thanks for your involvement in the continued trial of Learning and Pastoral Conferences on 2 – 3 April.

The rationale behind this trial was that the mentor (as your first port of call for learning and pastoral conversations) has the best picture of your daughter at this stage in her learning journey. Since 2013 we have been growing the role of the form-teacher (now mentor) as your daughter’s ‘learning coach’, ‘significant person’ and first port of call at Woodford. We believe the better the mentor knows their students the better the relationship, the better the pastoral care offered and the better the learning.

There is also sound research around professionally conducted parent-teacher-student conferences proving a most valuable strategy for improving student classroom behaviour, as well as enhancing learning. By continuing to involve parents in their daughter’s learning journey at Woodford (through reports, conferences, interviews, events, etc.) we create a ‘team’ approach towards individual success.

We are keen to gather your feedback around this trial, and invite you to complete the survey by Friday 16 May.

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Missed Assessment Opportunities

Has your daughter had a justified absence from school, ie: been ill, injured or suffered bereavement? On her return to school she will need to complete an Application for missed assessments.

A form can be collected from outside Mrs Thomas’ office (or found on Woodbook Resources: Group/Woodford/Academic Resources/Application Forms), all sections to be completed, teacher(s) asked to sign, evidence attached of absence (ie: medical certificate) and returned to Mrs Thomas – within one week of absence.

Are you planning to head away on approved leave, ie: Spirit of Adventure Sailing, Outward Bound, overseas family holiday, sister’s graduation? Then your daughter needs to complete an Application for anticipated missed assessments.

A form can collected from outside Mrs Thomas’ office (or can be emailed home), all sections completed, teacher(s) asked to sign and returned to Mrs Thomas – at least two weeks prior to leave.

Please note for both Missed and Anticipated Missed Assessments:

  • If there is no further assessment opportunity available then a not-achieved result will be received;
  • If there is not sufficient evidence for absence (ie: Medical Certificate, leave approval note) then a further assessment opportunity may not be available;
  • For further information please refer to the Student Handbook/Woodbook: ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES FOR NATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS

NCEA assessment is continuous and by providing the above guidelines we ensure we are working together to provide the girls with the best opportunities to have their learning assessed fairly and appropriately.

Mrs Dionne Thomas, Director of Learning