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Learning about Producer Decisions

McDonald’s is the perfect place for the Level 1 Economics class to visit to learn about producer decisions.

Why does the owner decide to do what he does?

Marcus Pohio is always so obliging – he invites us to visit McDonald’s, we get to walk through their production process while they are fulfilling orders and he answers all of our questions about his business. This year we were joined by three Havelock North High students who were also using McDonald’s as their case study for this assessment – it was great to link and share our learning with another local high school.

The girls while dreaming of their ‘lunch’ order listened carefully and stayed focused for this hands on ‘real life’ experience; learning  about the McDonald’s business.

  • Where do they source their products from?
  • The price way of the $1 coke freeze
  • Staff ratios at different times of the day
  • What are the most popular burgers?
  • How many burgers are sold in a week?
  • The increase in productivity that technology brings to the business?
  • What effective non-price marketing strategies McDonald’s use and how they affect sales and revenue?

Mrs Ange Rathbone, Acting HoD Business Studies