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Kinaesthetic Activities Extend Learning

ih_maths3_june15We have been exploiting the potential in extended lessons recently in the mathematics department. Girls are enjoying expanding their ideas and discovering how diverse the world of mathematics can be through fun and useful activities.

Wednesday, Period 3 is a 90 minute lesson and the mathematics department sees so much potential in these extended lessons: self-directed learning, group activities, assessment sessions, tests, quizzes, practising towards assessments… the list goes on. During a Year 10 mathematics lesson, students were given some mathematical statements and had to come up with the proof for each one. They enjoyed the challenge and had really interesting discussions.

World of Math Roadshow

All Year 9 students attended this Roadshow held at Iona College. Students were given the opportunity to use mathematics in solving practical problems in hands-on activities. Later they reflected on this event as being ‘fun, interesting, useful and engaging’.

ih_maths2_june15 ih_maths1_june15

Some students enjoyed the kinaesthetic activities and although it took them some time to figure out the solutions they were very proud of themselves afterwards. They willingly demonstrated their findings to teachers and explained their discoveries. Students reflected on different activities, discussed challenges, shared their experiences and findings with each other, and demonstrated solutions of tricky tasks.

Dr M Alexander, HoD Mathematics