Woodford house


Junior Quad 2016

Junior Quad was hosted by Woodford House this year in competition with Carncot, Iona College and St George’s School. The day began with a meeting in the School hall to welcome everyone and to sign the good sportsmanship agreement. Mr McIvor presented an opening speech and then the tournament was underway.

Confidently, we jogged onto the netball court. It was a tough match and we worked very hard, but luckily, in the end, we won the game. Iona won the netball overall and we came second. Woodford won the football while St George’s was victorious in hockey with Woodford following closely behind.




As the day drew to an end, everyone took their seats in the hall for prize giving. Whispers echoed around the hall as we anxiously waited for the overall winner to be announced. Mr McIvor and Mrs Peterson walked onto the stage and announced Woodford House as the overall winners.

Cheers filled the Hall as Harriet Park proudly walked forward to receive the trophy on behalf of our Intermediate students. What an amazing day it turned out to be. The competition was phenomenal and everyone had lots of fun.

Madalyn Rideout and Samantha Cave, Year 8