Woodford house


International Students Embrace School Life

We are fortunate to be joined by 15 international students, representing seven nationalities, at Woodford House.

When the girls arrive at Woodford House, they have to adapt to a new environment, learn a foreign language, and study new subjects and take part in numerous activities.

ESOL Teacher Sarah Johnson asked three of our Year 10 students to share their most enjoyable experiences at Woodford House so far:

Festival of Cultures

During my fifth week at Woodford House, we had a cultural festival. On that day, most of the students wore costumes to represent their country’s culture and some of them cooked food from different countries. I was in charge of boiling dumplings, which were made by Ms Gabrielle. The most important part I think was everybody’s costume because everyone looked so proud wearing their country’s outfit.  It was exciting to see a lot of international people in school. I felt disappointed because I didn’t have a Chinese costume with me. Maybe next time I can bring it to school and dress up with everybody else.

Eva Chang, Year 10

ih-june2017-festival of cultures6

House Music

The most enjoyable activity for me so far this year was House Music. It was really fun and it was a good opportunity for a person who is good at singing and dancing to show other people. For me, as an international student, I found that this activity was helpful to make some new friends. We did everything together in our year group such as singing and dancing. This activity makes every student be in harmony because senior students teach younger students to sing and dance. This makes me feel more welcome and makes me feel like I’m part of Woodford House now.

Prae Patrarak Putipanpong, Year 10

Hillary Outdoors Tongariro Camp

The most remarkable activity I’ve done so far at Woodford House was the Hillary Outdoors Tongariro camp because there were so many activities you can do. For example, abseiling, hiking and caving. The most enjoyable activity for me was caving because it was my first time doing it and it was very fun and challenging. It got darker and darker with every step we took into the cave. I was exhausted after the camp but it was an amazing experience for teenagers to do.

Point Techathong, Year 10