Woodford house


Intermediate Winter Sport Quadrangular Tournament

Today was the day many girls who are competitive in sports had been waiting for! This year the annual Intermediate Winter Sport Quadrangular Tournament was held at Iona College on Thursday 14 June.

Girls from Woodford House, Iona College, St George’s School and Huntley School all hopped into their sports gear early in the morning. Hockey, netball, and football – we were all ready for a big day of meeting new people, playing hard and having fun.

Everybody gathered in the Iona College gym. Our emotions were mixed; we were nervous and excited. We were all talking and having a great laugh with our billets who had enjoyed a night in Morea Boarding House. Suddenly the Iona College Sports Coordinator opened the tournament with a welcome and a plan for the day. The hockey girls quickly wished the Woodford House football and netball teams good luck and headed to the turf.

As we saw the hockey turf we got serious and focused, thinking about nothing apart from hockey, hockey, hockey! Luckily, we weren’t playing first so we had time to practise and observe the other teams.

Before long it was time, our time to shine, to show each and every team that we were good, in fact amazing! We did our cheer and ran into our starting line up positions. Goal after goal came our way. We played as a team and beat Huntley 17-0. Next up was St George’s and it was another great win for us. The final game that we had all been waiting for was Woodford House versus Iona College. We fought hard and used our tactics well; the opposition were tough. In the end they were not tough enough and we won 6-1. We all jumped up in excitement – we had won the trophy!

We were now excited to know how the other Woodford House teams had done. Football and Netball B had also played astonishingly well and were also champions. Netball A had come up against giants and sadly lost.

After prize giving we wished our new friends safe travels home. We waved goodbye and, carrying our trophies, walked proudly back to Woodford House. It had been a great day for everyone.

Phoebe Maidens and Ashley Bradshaw, Year 8