Woodford house


Intermediate Department

In support of New Zealand’s first ever bully-free week (16 – 20 May) the Intermediate Department has been learning about cyber-bullying in their latest health unit. This follows on from their current mentor time and pastoral focus on inclusion, kindness and caring towards others.

As part of bully-free week, the Year 7 and 8 class were invited to s hare an anti-bullying message with the School in assembly. Their role play was thought provoking and sent a strong message on the negative effects of bullying to all girls. The family focussed aspect of the School’s Strategic Plan was also highlighted. The key message was that the Woodford family will not stand for any of its members being a victim to bullying.

As part of this unit, we will be following the Netsafe Digital Citizen Safety resource and inviting experts in to share advice on dealing with bullying. On Friday 20 May, the Year 7 and 8 girls wore pink to school in support of being bully-free.





Phoebe Burns, Isobel Ham, Rachel Hansen, Charlotte Pettigrew-Heeps and Maddy Kitchener are members of the Year 7 and 8 debating team and have been entered into the Radio Kidnappers Debating competition. Affirming the moot ‘Boy bands are a good influence on today’s intermediate school students’ was always going to be a challenge. It was, however, a fantastic experience for our first ever debate. We were narrowly beaten but look forward to our next debate on Wednesday 1 June, which will be live on air.

Young Leaders’ Day

On Monday 16 May, eight Year 8 girls went to National Young Leaders’ Day in Palmerston North. It was spectacular. All of the speakers were inspirational, but there was one speaker who stood out from the rest. Brylee Mills is a professional dancer who lost an arm in a car crash at the age of six. Her courage to pursue her dream of being a dancer is amazing and one
of her inspirational sayings is “dancing is symmetrical and I am not”. Her main message was that obstacles in your life do not define who you are or what you become. It was a terrific day that taught us a great deal about being a true leader.

Ms Hayley Dustin, Head of the Intermediate Department