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Intermediate Department – Term 3 Highlights

Science, debating and the Olympics are just some of the highlights during a busy Term 3 for the Intermediate department.

An outdoor sheep dissection for Science was bravely tackled by the girls and a keen interest in studying animal anatomy was evident. A poem by Year 7 student, Ella Simmons, describes the experience in gory detail:

Science Dissection

Disgusting sheep guts and offal,

It smelt extremely awful.

Stomachs with different textures inside,

Stretching 32 metres of small intestine.

Each lung being blown up like a balloon,

Could make many of the students swoon.

The dissection was very informative,

Everyone was trying to be bravely positive.

Once in a lifetime experience,

Educational and in the end not that hideous!





Our debating girls have continued to go from strength-to-strength as they move into the semi-finals of the Radio Kidnappers Live On-Air debating competition.


Debaters: Maddy Kitchener, Phoebe Burns and Isobel Ham

The Olympics

A cross-curricula unit about the Olympics has seen the girls planning and preparing a modified mini Olympics to be held near the end of the Term in Physical Education.

Ms Hayley Dustin, HOD Intermediate