Woodford house


Innovative Technology for Boarding

A robust and innovative sign in and sign out system, which uses thumb print technology, will be installed in all boarding houses next year.

This is an exciting step in our journey to provide a better boarding experience and exceptional care for our girls. It also gives parents and staff better peace of mind in the whereabouts and safety of the girls.

The system is called ScanOne. Each time a girl leaves or returns to the boarding house, she will sign out or sign in with their left thumbprint. If she is leaving the boarding house, she will tick a destination box, which provides important information for their boarding supervisor.

Student uses scan reader

The smart technology also has the capacity to streamline leave applications and permissions. We are currently working on this facility to develop a leave system process that best suits the needs of our girls and their families.

We know the girls will enjoy this modern technology as it is synonymous with the world they live in. The junior girls will begin to trial this technology in week eight.

Mrs Ange Rathbone, Director of Boarding