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How can you help?

In junior and senior high school, young people are developing emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Parents can help their children be successful students by encouraging them in the following ways:

  • Create a quiet space for homework to be completed. A place free from disruption and fully stocked with supplies (pencils, pens, paper, stapler, tape, calculator, etc.) is ideal.
  • Communicate with them about their prep and any large projects or tests that are upcoming.
  • Keep a family routine concerning dinner, prep and TV.
  • Remember that intrinsic motivation leads to greater creativity. Allow them to try a variety of activities in order to find their true interests.
  • Encourage them to keep trying when faced with a challenge. Remind them that you and their teachers are available to provide extra help.
  • Encourage them to read if they want to improve their scores on standardised tests. The best way to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary is to read regularly.
  • Help them to set realistic goals and work towards them systematically. Also, no matter what the goal (making a sports team, improving academic grades or learning a new skill) remind them that the journey is as important as attaining the goal.
  • Allow them some freedom yet stay involved in their lives. We all learn through experience and sometimes failure is the best teacher.
  • Praise them for their contributions to family, school, and community. This conveys a belief in their accomplishments and helps to build a positive self-image.