Woodford house


House Music One of the Best

This year’s House Music presented some of the best performances I’ve seen in my time at Woodford. While there were many changes to the format such as the timing and the venue, the girls and the house leaders took in it their stride to produce a fantastic event.

Each house choir presented the set song Truly Brave and a pop song of their choice. In the second half, a 12 strong choir from each house presented their own choice of song in Te Reo Maori. The final performance was adjudicated by Mr Winston Pitt who is a vocal tutor at the EIT School of Contemporary Music.





This year every girl was present for the whole performance and some outstanding house spirit was shown in their walk into the gym and the support they showed the performers.

It was also amazing to see some of Woodford’s top musicians perform their solo pieces as part of the House Music Cup competition. The 10 finalists who played had been selected earlier in the week from 128 entries adjudicated by Helen and Alex Walker, both experienced musicians from Central Hawke’s Bay. (Alex Walker was Head Girl in 1997.)  It was a true display of our school’s talent.


The results were:

Tobin Cup for Adjudicators Choice: Amelia Foster

Hoby Cup (Year 7 and 8): 1st Harriet Park, 2nd Rachel Hanson, 3rd Emma Dixon

Elvidge Cup (Year 9 and 10): 1st Tracy Zeng, 2nd Alia Wentz, 3rd Allanah Price

Kennedy Cup (Year 11-13): 1st Emily Park, 2nd Amelia Foster, 3rd equal Ruby Andrews and Niamh Bentley

Best Accompaniment: Frimley band

Best Set Piece: Tauroa

Best Choice piece: joint equal Rouncil and Tauroa

Best Kapa Haka: Rouncil

House Placings: 1st Rouncil, 2nd Tauroa, 3rd Wallingford, 4th Frimley

Sarah Ardin, Student Head of Music