Woodford house


Home to Excellence

The pursuit of excellence and empowering our students to be ‘better than the day before’ have always been prominent ideals in the culture of Woodford House. This year, we are bringing our culture of excellence to life through a number of initiatives including a new mantra, or tagline, of Home to Excellence.

This mantra encompasses two key traits of Woodford House; the ‘Home’ represents our family focused strategic priority (and the fact we are the only school in New Zealand to be called a House), and the ‘Excellence’ represents our commitment to providing an exceptional education for every girl, so she can achieve her personal excellence.

At the start of the year, girls and staff were asked to think about what a Home to Excellence looks like for them, and to pledge what they are going to do to reach their personal excellence this year. For some girls, excellence is about achieving academic grades, and for others, it is about developing their character or mental strength. The pledges have been turned into visual art displays across the School for everyone to enjoy.

Throughout the year, we will also share stories of excellence on the Woodford House website, Facebook and in our publications such as Tempus. Several remarkable stories and videos have already been published here, which showcase a diverse range of individual excellence at Woodford House.

If you have a story you would like to share, please email Communications and Development Manager Chloe Johnson: chloe.johnson@woodford.school.nz

Ms Chloe Johnson, Communications and Development Manager