Woodford house


Hikoi Encourages Māori Student Achievement

A Hikoi was held at Woodford House for senior Māori students on 1 March 2017. The focus was to encourage Māori student advancement and achievement. The hour long session was led by five Māori liaison staff from tertiary education institutes: Libby Gray (Waikato university), Grace Latimer (Otago university), Hariata Mareroa (AUT), Mereana Toki (University of Auckland) and Rhys Thurston (EIT).

Students were urged to continue with tertiary study and, if they plan to do this in 2018, to start contacting iwi now for financial assistance. They must first be registered with the iwi they identify with.

A group of ten Year 12 and 13 students attended and the feedback was very positive:

“I found the presentation to be very relaxed and easy to engage in as well as inspiring and informative. I am clear about the pathway I want to pursue after having attended the hikoi. It felt easy to ask questions and they responded with very in-depth answers. Highly recommend for future students. The resources they gave out were quite informative and helpful as well.”

Montana Porima, Year 13

“The presentation was extremely useful and inspiring. I found it particularly helpful being a Year 12 as it really made me realise all the possibilities regarding scholarships and different universities. I think it was a very beneficial meeting and I am glad that we heard about what they had to say, in particular the benefits of different universities I had not considered before. I found it eye-opening and I believe that it would be hugely beneficial for all Year 12 girls to experience as there was some really important information that I think everyone needs to know.”

Sarah Wixon, Year 12

Mrs Pam Knight, Head of Technology, and Careers Advisor