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Health Centre News

Keep up to date with the latest information from the Health Centre including HPV vaccinations, winter colds and influenza and our policy around prescribed medications in the boarding house.


Year 8 students receiving the cervical cancer HPV vaccine this year had their second scheduled vaccine last term, along with Year 7s having their 11 year old vaccinations.

We have a few Year 7/8s to catch up this Friday at 9.30am. We have a great public health nurse, Christine Briasco, who brings with her a skilled team to carry out the vaccinations. This is an extremely well organised and finely tuned operation with a lot of equipment (including lollipops!) being carried up the stairs to the Health Centre. We are very fortunate to have this service provided.

The third (and final) HPV Cervical Cancer vaccine will be in Term 4 on 22 October.

Colds and Flu

Please make sure your daughter is kept home if she is unwell. These viruses spread rapidly in classrooms, especially in a boarding situation. Parents often ask when is a good time for their daughter to return to school after illness. A guideline for this is usually once they have been well for 24 hours.

There has been a high incidence of influenza this season with an unusual pattern seen in the way the different viruses are circulating.



Please be aware of the symptoms: fever/chills, muscle or body aches, cough, sore throat, runny/blocked nose, headaches, fatigue, stomach upset. More info here:


Medications in the Boarding House

As you may be aware, we have a policy that students may not have their own medication in their room in the boarding house. Occasionally there are exceptions to this but only if discussed with me and approved by parents, but for the majority of students this policy does apply.

If you want your daughter to have medication on hand like paracetamol/ibuprofen or antihistamines, etc., please make sure you hand these to boarding staff to administer as required.

If your daughter is on regular prescribed medication, boarding staff will administer this. Every boarding house keeps a written record of all medication given and I am emailed this information daily. Please ensure I am kept updated about any changes to this medication and that the medication bottle is clearly labelled with your daughter’s name and the correct dosage.

Thank you.

Ms Ruby Wadeson, School Nurse