Woodford house


Evening with Hannah McQueen

Woodford House warmly invites parents, caregivers and students in Years 10-13 to an information seminar with one of New Zealand’s leading financial experts, Hannah McQueen. At this free seminar, you will learn about:

  • The financial challenges facing youth today
  • The tools and skills required to tackle those challenges
  • How the ‘gig’ economy is changing the workplace
  • The financial skills teenagers need to master before they leave home
  • How parents can support their daughters navigate their finances
  • The solutions Hannah’s designed to equip students for a brighter future and financial stability

WHEN: Tuesday 13 August, 7pm
WHERE: Woodford House (venue to be confirmed)


Hannah McQueen is a financial force of nature. She’s a Chartered Accountant, an Authorised Financial Advisor, has her Masters in Tax and is the author of three personal finance books. She’s the founder of enableMe – Financial Personal Trainers, PropertyPro and EquipMe Now. Through EquipMe Now she’s been working with 16-24-year olds in a bid to make this generation financially smarter than the last and to help them tackle the greater financial challenges they face.