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Guest Speakers Talk to Design Students

ih_art4_july2015As students of design we have been fortunate to hear three guest speakers as we are eager to learn more about the design world around us. Besides, the speakers were not unfamiliar as all have a current association with Woodford. In the latter half of Term 2, Karl Wixon and Andrea Jackson came to speak with us, and Diane Morris welcomed us with her presentation in the first week of Term 3.

We budding designers sat patiently in our seats, as we waited for that day’s guest speaker…

First to start the string of presentations was Karl Wixon. Being the president of the Design Institute of New Zealand, it came as no surprise that he had a lot to share with us in regards to design. Mr Wixon expressed his breadth of knowledge and passion for design, whilst talking of his experience in design education and the different pathways design has taken him in life – including the vast range of projects he has been involved with. His audience gazed in awe at the numerous works he had produced and felt satisfied with the fact that as a great designer he was a part of the prestigious Best Design Awards. Mr Wixon is also a Board of Trustees member at Woodford.


Mr Wixon with Rowena Chow and Eliza Mill

Woodford’s new Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Andrea Jackson, also gave us insight into her journey in the design world. Although having held an interest for the sciences during her school years, Mrs Jackson made the conscious decision to pursue design as a career, and this is where she has found her feet. Mrs Jackson’s style has evolved largely around corporate design and she currently manages her own design business. Students were left with the message that if you are serious about pursuing design, there is nothing that can stop you from doing so.


Andrea Jackson visits designers

To top it off, Woodford’s own design teacher, Diane Morris, also shared with us her expertise in the design field. Humble beginnings lead Ms Morris to become involved with various design positions, not to mention her crossing the ditch and becoming a designer/illustrator of licensed merchandise in Sydney. Ms Morris unveiled to us a number of her previous designs and you couldn’t prevent the oohs and aahs from escaping. Ms Morris’ passion and technical skill for design was evident, cementing the students appreciation for her daily knowledge and assistance.


Design work by Diane Morris

The lineup of design presentations have been invaluable. Not only have they exposed us to the breadth of design opportunities out there, but given the budding designers some food for thought. What are the next steps from here? If you have read this article and feel you can contribute giving direction to students (like me) about careers in design, please contact our lovely design teacher Ms Morris, at diane.morris@woodford.school.nz

by Rowena Chow