Woodford house


Glow Worms as Night Lights

Hillary Outdoor Education is designed for students to develop skills in co-operation, communal living, self-leadership and environmental care. The girls learn and connect through exploration, adventure and a range of environmental initiatives. On 19 March, our Year 10 girls took part in this brave adventure, which offered a vast array of challenging activities in and around the Tongariro National Park.

The girls were split into groups of 10 and completed tubing, high ropes courses, abseiling, caving, traversing on Mount Ruapehu, rock climbing, tramping, kayaking and bridge jumping. An overarching aim for Woodford House while at Hillary Outdoors is to push the girls outside their comfort zones while in a controlled environment and allow team work and group encouragement to strengthen bonds within the year group.

The final night of the programme is an overnight camp experience where the girls found out first-hand that the challenges and learning opportunities at Hillary Outdoors are dependent on a number of variables, of which the weather is probably the most significant. The first rain of the week arrived during the overnight expedition, however, the girls adapted and overcame this with some spending the night in caves with glow worms as night lights.

This programme has lifelong impacts on its participants and our girls have been no exception. The group cohesion, new friendships and stories will remain with them for the duration of their time at Woodford House and beyond.

Mr Alex Nixon, Director of Sport