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Focus 3 Explained

What is FOCUS 3?

The term Focus 3 refers to our three premier sports teams – 1st XI Football, 1st XI Hockey and Premier Netball. Over the past decade these teams have consistently performed at the regional level and represented the school at national secondary school tournaments. The word Focus represents the time and resources we put into these teams and the codes they represent. In order to have these teams perform a strong fitness base is vital. All players are required to consistently meet the fitness standard of 9 on the beep test. This process began in Term 4 last year with potential players entering a mentoring programme with coaches who met one-on-one with students to plan off season fitness programmes. The team of coaches include actual team coaches, our strength and conditioning coaches and athletics coach. This programme is closely linked to our Sports Academy.

TOP TEAM Netball

TOP TEAM Football


Upgrades to our Performance / Fitness Centre

We have recently completed upgrades in our fitness centre adding in Olympic lifting equipment and audio visual analysis equipment in a small classroom set up. This will allow physical education classes and teams to work in a physical / theoretical environment at the same time and introduce new strength and conditioning skill bases.

Mr Chris McIvor, Head of Sport